Some recent testimonies to lure you into My Pretty Poison Man-Trap!

“Her nnarcotic Estrogen is the only fix that gives Pleasure.” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST SWEET STEPHANIE love drunk with My magick potion, narcotic estrogen, renewing disciple drone devotee membership in My BRAINWASH STATION. Eager to worship in My DIAMOND CATHEDRAL at My Perfect Feet!

“the Glamorous epitome of Pure Pink, sparkly enchantment” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST under the spell of My Feminine Magick, Hypnotic WITCHCRAFT, Blonde Alchemy, looping My ‘Long Blonde Hair, Red Rose Lips’ (currently in PRIVATE release) in delirious ecstasy.

“The sweetest echo… Pure gold in every word…And over and over. i am Diva’s dolly.” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST obsessive compulsively looping My new NO PREVIEW for YOU! Ripoff mp3 (currently in PRIVATE release) addicted to My EVERY GOLDEN WORD!

“Helpless prey must prowl close. Meooow” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST clicking & paying, listening to My MONEY KITTEN Cult Masterpiece.. meowwwwww! you are drawn to My Kitten Klaws!

“Beneath Your feet… i have pure Bliss.” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST indulges in the Ultra-Potency of My Pretty Pink Persuasion & Powerful Pink Programming.. installing My PINKNESSES control you, My new MIND CONTROL Video!

“OMG- sissy stephanie worships the pure Estrogen and obeys DIVA….sparkly heaven” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST enrolls in My Sissy Beauty Queen Charm School! Omg you love to be My sissypoo dollykins devoted pupil and learn how to be the very best DOLLY you can be for ME, bathing in My luminescent DIAMOND LIGHT, My SPARKLE CHARM & Shimmering GLAMOUR!

“my brain is fluffy mush. Your voice is sparkly seduction.” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST starstruck as I hypnotize & mesmerize with My SIREN SONG.. OMG I am the Sparkling Platinum Blonde Chanteuse and you are My enamoured weakened love-sick minion! SLAVE to My EVERY WHIM!

“Gibson perfection… & the violin ending seals my fate… mmmm my narcotic Girl.” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST as the hypnotically alluring violin notes of My MAJESTIC VIDEO MASTERPIECE  Perfected American GIBSON GIRL come to a close, sealing dolly’s fate!

With My Genes of Natural Selection and My Perfected DNA, I AM the AMERICAN WOMAN that Gibson spoke of in the future, the EVER MORE BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN GIBSON GIRL! BOW at MY FEET, WEAKER SEX MALE!

“Her pure Elegance is my only joy. True love.” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST slain by My PURE ELEGANCE in YACHT GLAMOUR, gazing adoringly upon photos of ME at the LIVE EVENT limited engagement of Marilyn Monroe on the big screen in SOME LIKE IT HOT!!!!!!!!!

“OMG- Flawless perfection.. Purest narcotic .. so high high high” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST embeds My new FLAWLESS DIAMOND TRIGGER and Sing Song Sequential Synch (both in PRIVATE release) and feels the ultimate rush of My PUREST DOPAMINE HIGH! OMG you are MY ADDICT.

“the New soundtrack in my brain…for the Eternity of my remaining years” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST looping Sing Song Sequential Synch 1 (currently in PRIVATE release), My new series of SING SONG hypno spells! Omg highly potent and super addictive.

“i am a worked up addict for Her estrogen” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST drawn to the danger dose of My PUREST SIREN SPELL….. OMG My Golden Voice slays you as you willingly crash upon the rocky shore to hear My Siren Song, weakened mortal man rapturously swept away by the narcotic notes of My melodious DIVINITY!

“She IS the drug!” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST tributing to My most recent Exclusive Interactive TRIBUTE EVENT! Omg it is the ultimate in dizzying splendor to contribute to My DECADENCE and luxurious indulgence!

“You- GlamGorgeous Punk rock Icon, Artist Extraordinaire–Mistress of meltyMelt Pop pop pleasure have seduced dolly, mind, spirit, wallet. SippySip pretty girl. Your club toy. Stephanie” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST enraptured by My RED HOT INTL SIN (currently in PRIVATE release), a rare treasure of Hypnotically HOT photos of Me not available anywhere else!

“The most Powerful Narcotic Estrogen EVER!!” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST crashing upon the WAVES of My River of No Return (only in PRIVATE release), rhapsodically delirious and fanatically zealous for My Narcotic Estrogen, My Platinum Blonde Chanteuse Siren Spell!

“i am Yours, You are Everything good , pure and desirable in the universe.” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST clicking & paying, listening spellbound as I describe what it means to be OWNED by ME.

“The path to your deepest needs is attained right here. Tribute and Evolve into sparkly, fantastic desire.” ~ My DOLLY DEAREST speaking with Me LIVE on Niteflirt as it clicks & pays mindlessly, obsessively, compulsively! OMG this is what you LIVE FOR, DOLLY!


This is a VERY SPECIAL ULTRA GLAM COMMAND! you KNOW that whenever MY DITZY DOLLY opens one of these LUXURY COMMANDS from Me, dolly FEELS soooooooooo ddizzyyy with ANTICIPATION, it literally takes DOLLYS breath away as the email opens on the clicking of *SEND PAYMENT*
Omg you feel weak & ddizzyy & lightheaded with excitement reading this now. you have now been triggered to OBEY & PAY & DO as I SAY. Go ahead & click BUY NOW below DOLLY DEAREST, My Hypno-Programmed Sissy French Maid, find out what My next LUXURY GLAM COMMAND IS!!

*miss mary mackkkkkkkk!*

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