Press PLAY & listen NOW to all the shimmering details of My Magic of Princessmas festivities. OMG you can’t wait to participate in all the shiny sparkly ways for you to BINGE SPENDY SPEND on ME all through the holiday! Start by playing a round of ALL for ME, NONE for YOU below, then go visit My PRINCESSMAS page!


Justify your existence, and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY catering to MY whims & sacrificing your own holiday to spoil ME rotten!! I expect you to max your credit cards & empty your bank account this holiday season on ME!! I want you to be deep in debt by the first of the new year!! Bunches & bunches of shiny pretty gifts under MY tree from you, and absolutely NOTHING for you, because you deserve ZILCH, and you know it!! Start by clicking the first button and don’t stop until you reach the last! Ready?! Set! Go!!


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