NOEL-NIGHT2The next Spectacular & Upscale Shopping Party in My Sparkling Princessmas itinerary is the  glittering NOEL NIGHT.

Every year Santa Claus desperately pleads to have his photo taken with Me at this Private Shopping Party, begging Me adoringly:

Miss Monroe, Santa has just one request: PLEASE let me have my picture taken with you sitting on my lap before you leave!”.

Santa has wholeheartedly agreed to pay over 100 dollars to have his photo taken with Me, still I haughtily ignore him each year and yet he continuously & ADORINGLY loads up SHINY PRETTY PRESENTS for Me under My trees.. isn’t that SO CUTE?! What a silly jolly little FOOL he is for ME!

At last years event Santa was candidly caught on VIDEO telling Me how he looks forward to seeing ME every year, you can’t make this stuff up! LOL Santa was SO enamored with ME he continued to say “Miss Monroe, you look VERY pretty as always!” and didn’t even notice we were being filmed! See it for yourself in My ‘Glamourous Sequins & Mink’ VIDEO!

I absolutely ADORE this private RSVP Shopping Extravaganza, and will be dressed to the hilt in a most elegant gown & glittering gems, My Platinum Blonde tresses elaborately coiffured and adorned with JEWELS.

This private party of luxurious shopping features the utmost extravagant vintage jewels, estate heirlooms, fine antiques, and rare collectibles to peruse; including gorgeous Christmas ornaments and exquisite holiday décor.

Ornate golden harps grace the gated entrance as fine harpists elegantly arpeggio My arrival. There is a festive presentation of holiday music throughout the evening.

So many holiday delights await My indulgence at the sweetest of dessert bars, elegant hors d’oeuvres to tickle the palate, and special Christmas treats!

TRIBUTE TO: My Elegant Ensemble mistletoe-noelMy Luxury Shopping mistletoe-noelMy Elaborately Jeweled Coiffure mistletoe-noelMy Fine Dining

 All slaves which contribute to My NOEL NIGHT Private RSVP Shopping Evening will receive an EXCLUSIVE email with PRIVATE PERSONAL PHOTOS and a GORGEOUS audio MP3 of Me describing My luxurious evening of PRIVATE SHOPPING paid for with what was once YOUR money!!

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