Financial Domination Blonde Fetish Findom – Diamond Diva Princess
paypigs like you LOVE to spend all their money on the Financial domination & blonde fetish money domme Diamond Diva Princess, The Capitalistic Blonde!

Blonde Fetish

Being the ULTIMATE BLONDE BOMBSHELL, CAPITALISTIC BLONDE, it comes naturally to ME to have you beneath Me & to use you as My wallet! I KNOW the power I have OVER YOU. All I have to do is flash My green eyes, snap My pretty fingers, and I’ve got you wrapped around My little pinky just like one of My platinum blonde tresses.

Findom Luxury Fetish

The Luxury Glamour Blonde, I am surrounded by opulent luxury. LUXURY FETISH is a financial domination fetish I have created to celebrate MY LOVE of all things LUXURIOUS!

Fur Fetish

I am THE VENUS in FURS, Fur Fetish Princess. Wrapped in furs, dripping in jewels, I live every day as a celebration of aestheticism and beauty.

Goddess Worship

Worship ME, the Platinum Blonde DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS in My DIAMOND CATHEDRAL. I am the GOLDEN GODDESS and you BOW at My perfect white feet. There is NOTHING I could ever demand from you that you could ever possibly resist. you CANNOT deny My PLATINUM BLONDE ALLURE, WEAKLING. I ALWAYS get what I WANT.

Femdom Hypnosis

World-Class Financial Domination & Hypnotic Mind Control with THE Capitalistic Blonde Hypno Domme. The only hypnosis *I* am interested in is MY brand of MIND CONTROL, the kind that exploits YOUR brain for MY benefit. I fully utilize My access to esoteric knowledge to further MY plan of GLOBAL domination.

Financial Domination

World-Class Financial Domination & Findom Wallet RINSING with Diamond Diva Princess

Blonde Fetish

I come from the line of Platinum Blonde Royalty. I AM the BLONDE BOMBSHELL of the 21st century~


I will turn you into a zombified LOVE-SICK DRONE for ME. you will be OBSESSED.. Mesmerized.. UNDER MY Hypnodomme SPELL.

Money Domme

Financial Domination Money Domineiress, THE Celebrity Money Domme!

Blonde Fetish Showcase

My Silverscreen Hollywood Glamour Goddess Allure and Platinum Blonde Beauty effortlessly enslaves your heart, mind, and wallet! Indulge in funding My fabulous Life of Luxury, Glamour, and Fame! OMG you can't get enough!


The Capitalistic Blonde

THE Blonde Bombshell of the 21st Century!

financial domination slave testimonies

She is the best one. Needs to be rewarded for how wonderful she is. Over and over.

— moneyslave claus


Financial Domination Blog


I talk with advertising mogul & film icon Herschell Gordon Lewis

“I’ll gladly quote Kirkegaard while checking out your eyeliner.” – Herschell Gordon Lewis I’ve decided I would like to interview a few of My ICONS and feature their interviews here...

circa 1955: Studio portrait of American actor Jayne Mansfield (1933 - 1967) reclining on chaise longue in a strapless sequined gown and diamond jewelry.

Jayne Mansfield & Her Pink Palace ~ one of My Blonde Bombshell Hollywood Inspirations!

I come from the line of Platinum Blonde Royalty. I AM the BLONDE BOMBSHELL of the 21st century~ Throughout time, Platinum Blondes have effortlessly wrapped men around their fingers and...

Blonde Fetish

you LOVE to lavish THE Financial Domination Princess with *WEALTH ASSETS & RICHES*

OMG I am so ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS and you LOVE ME SO. you LOVE to lavish Me with *WEALTH ASSETS & RICHES*!! Don’t you just ADORE My GORGEOUS SABLE FUR made...

Tribute Events

Here are My current Financial Domination Tribute Events which you can participate in, My moneyslave devotee! OMG so many GORGEOUS SPARKLING EVENTS! Click the Tribute Event images below to read all about them! Click the arrows to view more events!

Cater to MY Luxury!!