“[Gaga] is, in fact, French and means, essentially, to be utterly enthralled by something—excited to the point of being touched by madness.” – Vogue Magazine

“Just ADD WATER – in one second your AMAZING Sea-Monkeys actually come to life. Yes, they hatch instantly, right before your eyes.

Simply grow and enjoy the most ADORABLE, entertaining pets you’ve ever owned! So eager to please – they can even be “trained”. World-famous Sea-Monkeys are SO full of surprises you can’t stop watching them. They swim, play, scoot, race and do comical tricks and stunts. Best of all, we show you how to make them appear to obey your commands, follow a beam of light, do loop-the-loops and even seem to dance when you play a record or tape.”

In the beginning was Gaga without form and void. A sea monkey set adrift in a pool of pallid lobsters. Enter a shattering of consciousness, light refracting through jagged swarovski crystals, a metaphorical photography still of a Bergdorf Goodman window, art as statement piece. Suddenly the chrysalis shape shifted a cocoon in which haused the possibility of hatching in multiple directions.. a hectagon of possibility. Gaga could have become caught in the whirlpool/vortex of aspiring to give the public what they expect to see, which would have culminated in vast redundancy, and a dead art.

“In a place they say is dead
in the lake that’s like an ocean
i count about a billion head
all the time there’s a motion

i saw the cloning of the famous family
i heard the droning in the shrine
of the sea-monkey palace of the brine”
– Palace of the Brine, The Pixies

Transpire a few months when all of this hung in the balance, and don’t misunderstand.. it’s not that Gaga’s art stopped being relevant, it just levitated in a sort of art limbo. Is it any coincidence that she chose to arrive at the Grammy’s in a crystalline egg?.. like a formless sea monkey hatched into a glorified besequined lobster. The creation of her own “monster”.. this monster as metaphor.. assembly line, factory creation, mass consumerism. The beginning and birth of a new form of MASSURREALIST art, in which she has spun the definition of POP-ART into yet another dimension. Does this not, in a sense make Gaga a sort of patron saint of sorts.. bringing ART to the masses? Lady Gaga regurgitates fashion and art.. she is what she sees. This IS Nouveau réalisme. Art in it’s purity is a commentary on the world we live in. Our civilization a living work of art as testament to the commercial by-product of  our commodity fetishism and ultra consumerism.. MASSURREALISM.

Closing thought, and
Random Sea-Monkey fact #11:

  • A group of sea monkeys is called a squall.
  • Does this make a group of monsters a squall?

“I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.” – Lady Gaga

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