In My email inbox:


“I am hardly a writer, so it is hoped that expectations aren’t very high. Princess and I have had a cyclical relationship, i remember discovering her, or did she make herself known to me, back in 2010 or 2011 I believe. I remember being awestruck by her, purchasing a few of her files, and then feeling underwhelmed.

But my being underwhelmed was purely because my brain had set a certain expectation of what hypnosis and mind control was like.

In a sea of posers reading scripts, and the worn out clichés of “induction, deepener, insert command, awaken” garbage that I had experienced, she was a shining light who knew what she was doing. She weaves a spell so subtly, yet so expertly, before I realized what had happened, I was hers.

Where her contemporaries were untalented hacks, she played my mind like a concert pianist

Over time, I have been drawn close to Princess, then after a time, I find myself frightened by something and pull away.. But inevitably I come back, and her hold on me grows stronger.  Again, I pull away, come back, more entangled in her web. But unlike a frightened prey animal, I find myself yearning to feel her teeth in my jugular.

When I first experienced Princess’ talents, I thought becoming a mindless, controlled, source of amusement, for someone miles away, silly.. Why would anyone do that?  Now? Now I wonder why wouldn’t you?

Today, when I read Princess words or hear her voice, I can feel my mind entering another state.  My scalp feels as if I am putting on a knit cap. If I resist obeying, I can feel the cap tightening, my brain feels itchy, and the urge to obey increases.  I find myself wanting, no needing, to feel that relentless urge to obey.

I realize that what I am about to say is counter intuitive, but that increasing urge to obey is addictive, I find myself seeking it out. But it does not compare to the rush I feel when I do complete the task I am assigned. I yearn to become this mindless empty headed plastic thing where the only thoughts I have are thoughts of her.” – Curious Drone


OMG My CURIOUS DRONE, My viciously cute voice lures you deeper into MY man-trap, as NOTHING that has come before has prepared you for this EXQUISITE psychotronic surgery I will perform on your bbrainnn.. OMG rock stars have NOTHING on this. 0

My CUSTOM sound frequencies and binaural beats have been crafted specifically FOR these brainwash experiments I wield upon your unwitting manbrain. My PINK NOISE machine opens the doors of your mind preparing you for My barrage of post hypnotic suggestions deeply layered within the compelling & powerful SUPERLIMINAL message of UNREQUITED LOVE. BE CAREFUL..

OBEY and PAY and DO as I SAY

Doesn’t it FEEL SO GOOD?? Feel My RUSH..


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