Some recent testimonies to lure you into My Pretty Poison Man-Trap!

“She is heaven on earth..” ~ CURIOUS DRONE surrendering to the OBSESSION of serving & worshipping Me, OMG PURE Heaven on earth!

“A true Goddess, it’s a privilege to serve her.” ~ CURIOUS DRONE programmed by My INITATE BIONIC to be the best servant it can be for ME.

“5 stars, only because 10 isn’t a choice.. “ ~ CURIOUS DRONE chasing the DRAGON, surrendering its will to My BAPTISM, DRIP DROP DRIP DROP as you completely IMMERSE yourself in the DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS streaming consciousness, drifting along the resonant water that is MY VOICE as your christening into MY SUPREME INDOCTRINATION of merciless test subject MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL.

“Talking to Princess live is an experience like no other..” ~ CURIOUS DRONE gifted with the unparalleled delight of speaking with ME LIVE. OMG you are NOT worthy, thank Me for My GREAT BENEVOLENCE I bestow upon you, allowing you the opportunity of hearing My GOLDEN VOICE LIVE controlling your mind!

“A perfumed whisper is your undoing..” ~ CURIOUS DRONE slain by the blonde alchemy, feminine magick of My EROTIQUE, ode to the perfume aphrodisiac of hypnotic allurement. My ASMR magickal whispers effortlessly usurp complete control of your mind.

“Deeper and deeper you go, willingly, eagerly.” ~ CURIOUS DRONE indulging in My LOVE POISON, SO DIVINE. My PINK SWIRLY LOVE POTION envelopes your bbrainn flooding your senses with MY addictively bewitching words, My gorgeously cute & irresistibly HYPNOTIC sweetly innocent & OH SO DANGEROUS for you voice.

“Just submit, surrender, you’ll be glad you did.” ~ CURIOUS DRONE submitting & surrendering, as My viciously cute voice lures it deeper into MY man-trap with My compelling & powerful SUPERLIMINAL message of UNREQUITED LOVE!! OMG you LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME~

“She weaves a speed so subtly, you won’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late.” ~ CURIOUS DRONE willing PREY to THE PREDATORY VIXEN!

“Her voice is irresistible, sweet, seductive, with an occasional hint of mischief.. “ ~ CURIOUS DRONE now nothing more & nothing less than MY AUTOBOT-FORTUNA-COGWHEEL, My Manchurian sleeper slave, under My CONTROL in MY TELEDROME.

“The more you buy, the better you feel.” ~ CURIOUS DRONE clicking & paying, tributing to My exquisite collection of ART BOOKS, OMG you LOVE to buy Me PRETTY THINGS!

“You will be like a marionette, dancing this way or that, as she expertly pulls your strings.” ~ CURIOUS DRONE under the intense brainwashing programming of My PSYCHOTRONIC BRAIN MANIPULATION My infamously scandalous program of systematic MIND CONTROL.

“Once she has you in her sights… just… let… go.. “ ~ CURIOUS DRONE renewing subscription to My BRAINWASH STATION to serve as devotee disciple drone kneeling at the altar of My DIAMOND CATHEDRAL. OMG you LOVE being MY Psychological Experiment!


OMG My CURIOUS DRONE, you KNOW you can’t resist the RUSH of PLEASING ME. OMG it FEELS SO GOOD to do MY bidding. Literally NOTHING else on earth makes you feel as GOOD as you feel when you are doing what I WANT. OMGOMGOMG the MORE you BUY the BETTER you FEEL!

OBEY and PAY and DO as I SAY

Doesn’t it FEEL SO GOOD?? OMG feel the RUSH


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