My super lucky DOLLY MIMETTE has started initiation into My Sissy French Maid programming! OMG being My sissy French maid is such an ultra girly honour! Receiving this title is exceptionally good and exciting news for any lucky sissy to receive.

Dolly mimette received sissys first ULTRA GLAM COMMAND and this is beyond exciting because this is a VERY special Glam Command!
Additionally, Dolly mimette has now begun My GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN week long assignment and has been shopping for the first required items for this assignment, which are pictured above.

As My Sissy French Maid My dolly mimette will be trained, among other things, to respond programmatically to My ULTRA GLAM COMMANDS which are ONLY sent to My Sissy French Maids, only one command is sent to only ONE sissy! Each ULTRA GLAM COMMAND is unique and exclusive and only ONE lucky Sissy French Maid receives it!

OMGOMGOMG it is SO exciting to be one of the MONEYSLAVES I am programming to be a part of My new collection of SISSY FRENCH MAIDS in this new Sissy Training Program I have created!

My sissy french maids will be trained in the GIRLY ARTS to be one of My most luckiest, one of My lucky little SISSY FRENCH MAIDS privy to some of My most delicious feminine secrets! Join My Brainwash Station to learn more in My Sissy French Maid Training Section!

As one of My SISSY FRENCH MAIDS, My lucky DOLLY MIMETTE is being programmed to wait on PINS and NEEDLES for My next ULTRA GLAM COMMAND to arrive!

Dolly MIMETTE Darling, it is now time for your Sissy French Maid lessons to begin. To gain visual poise and decorum, you will begin My SISSY BEAUTY QUEEN CHARM SCHOOL now! your lessons will include your new girly dietary regimen and girly workout! Before you know it your girlish figure will begin to emerge and you will have the posture and poise of a proper Sissy French Maid for Princess!

OMGOMGOMG it is SO EXCITING to be transformed from living your boring grey male world into Princess’s world of SPARKLY PINK GLAMOUR, living life as her very own programmed Sissy French Maid on PINS and NEEDLESSSSSS!

Begin your lessons NOW and call Princess after the first lesson is complete for your Lesson One test! Better pass with flying colours, Dolly.. Sissy French Maids have special punishment for not acing tests! Click BUY NOW below to begin.


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