MY METROPOLIS DOLLIBOT shared some thoughts on how to go into DEEP TRANCE for ME in the SYMPOSIUM of My BRAINWASH STATION, I’ve decided to share it here with the general public because some of these ideas might be of use to other of My hypno drones, especially those new to hypnosis and trance! Read it now and then LOOP one or more of My VIDEOS and implement some of these ideas! Send your own ideas on how you trance to My videos to Me for possible inclusion in a future feature!

Some thoughts on ways to trance to Princess’s hypno videos

by Metropolis Dollibot

After looping Princess’s new video ‘Stardust’, it was reflecting on how it goes about dropping into a deep trance for it’s owner. It thought that these observations might be helpful to share with others.
Firstly, It finds that it is really important not to rush it or to try too hard. Just relax and go with the flow of the video. Princess inevitably includes elements that will make it easy to follow Her downwards (or upwards into the ether – whichever is your preference).

It sits comfortably with high quality earbuds or headphones, in a situation where it knows it wont be disturbed for a long time; it relaxes its body and breathes deeply. It tries to turn off its thinking. It tries not to focus. It is seeking something a bit like a transcendental state.

It finds it often needs to watch a new video through several times before things start to happen. While it is doing this,
a) it listens gently to the music and allows its rhythm or melody to seep into it,
b) it relaxes its vision, so that its eyes just wander and are led by the video.

After a few loops it finds its mind is just going with the flow of the music (Princess often makes this easy by using very catchy jazz numbers, but sometimes She uses intense music as in “Everybody loves me” which tends to take over and “drive” you along with it).

Meanwhile its eyes pick up on the many visual “attractors” and “repetitions” that Princess places cunningly through Her works. These can be powerfully hypnotic and are many and varied. They can be intentional shining starry effect like in “Slave to my glamour” or they might me the gleaming starburst of flashbulbs or other bright lights (as in the beginning of Stardust), they may just be glittering reflections in glasses, or off jewellery, they may be repeated sideways eye movements, they might be repetitive swaying of a foot or heel, or the hypnotic movement of legs or the sway of Her beautiful hips.
Once its eyes have picked up on the technique being used in the video it the tries to relax and just let its eyes become fixated by it. This is when it often starts to feel itself trancing out for Her!

In addition to hypnotic music Princess often implants other hypnotic sound effects such as Her Pink Noise Machine, or heart beats or repetitive whispers. These may not be immediately obvious, but once it’s ear has found them and latched on to them then it also finds that it has often entered into a trance before it has realised it.

If you watch and listen to a wide range of Princess’s hypnotic masterpieces then many of these hypnotic effects whether audio or visual will become like old friends. Whenever they occur, if you have set yourself up in deep relaxation, they will take you deep, deep into Her world, deep under Her control. You will love it when it happens to you.

You will find it powerfully addictive and you will want it to happen again and again. And when it does you will find yourself just where Princess wants you to be – at Her mercy! You will soak up Her commands and instructions into your subconscious just like you have a sponge waiting there inside your empty plastic head!

Above all relax and go with the flow, let your senses rather than your intellect lead you into trance. Once there Princess’s beauty and her messages will infuse your soul.

Let go and let Her in!

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