Read below the testimonies of My DRONE CADDY now blessed with the gift of serving Me in chaste devotion & courtly love as devotee disciple in My CULT of CHIVALRY! OMG you find your worth in SERVITUDE to ME, I define your value!

“Thank You Princess! You are so generous to allow me the honour of buying Your mp3s. i love Your SWOOOOOSH and i love You!” ~ My DRONE CADDY as My Pretty Pink Garden Hose washes everything away and nothing is left in its empty head except MY WORDS, My THOUGHTS, My IDEAS!

“Princess, no matter what i do, Your Pinknesses charm me and keep me as Your compliant drone. i am Yours.” ~ DRONE CADDY as I take over his mind…… compliant and weak, charmed by the allure of My hypnotic Pinknesses which totally control it!

“Princess, every time i fall for You, i seem to fall deeper than before. Your words are a part of me now. If i wanted to escape, i’d have to tear myself apart.” ~ DRONE CADDY falls deeper and deeper under My Siren Spell, as it becomes nothing more and nothing less than an extension of My SUPREME WILL.

“Princess, the more i write, the more i realise how pitiful these words are compared to Your beauty, genius and majesty. i am nothing, You are everything!” ~ DRONE CADDY now indoctrinated in the Supreme Philosophy of MY TAOISM of Financial Slavery.. omg all things in life crave balance, and YOUR innate weakness CRAVES to serve MY INNATE SUPERIORITY in chivalrous devotion.

“When i think of You, i can’t think. my mind goes all pink and mushy and i become just another manpawn drone at Your mercy. i beg You, do not let me go!” ~ DRONE CADDY worshipping at My PRISTINE ALTAR, cherishing the gift of My gleaming garments of IMMACULATE VIRGINITY and virtuous celibacy which I bestow upon you, as MY CHASTE REBORN VIRGIN SLAVE!


1. ANESTHESIA 2. AUTOMATON 3. BRAIN HACK 4. BRAINWASH STATION 5. Bubblegum Bbrainn POP 6. COMATOSE 7. CULTE DE BLONDE 8. DIAMONDVISION 9. Drooling Dingaling Dingbat (currently in PRIVATE release) 10. Emasculation Programization 11. EYE, HYPNOTIZE 12. Glamourous Pink Sequins 13. Glamourous Video Message (Private Video Message)  14. GOOD BOY TRIGGER 15. IMMACULATE VIRGINITY (currently in PRIVATE release) 16. IMPERIOUS MUSE 17. Invading your mind 1 18. KISS the GROUND I WALK ON 19. MELTY MELTY (currently in PRIVATE release) 20. Miss Mary Mack Trigger (currently in PRIVATE release) 21. Most Important Trigger 22. My Pinknesses Control you 23. OPERATION AIRHEAD 24. PRETTY in PINK (currently in PRIVATE release!) 25. PSYCHOTRONIC BRAIN MANIPULATION 26. Sing Song Sequential Synch (currently in PRIVATE release) 27. SWOOOOSH! (currently in PRIVATE release) 28. Custom Mind Takeover (Private mp3) 29. TAOISM of Financial Slavery 30. TELEDROME 31. The BAPTISM 32. VENUS MANTRAP 33. WITCHCRAFT (currently in PRIVATE release)

Next on your list of MUST-HAVE GEMS, DRONE CADDY (OMG I know you can’t resist. you CRAVE to pile the fruits of your drudge labor at My PERFECT DIVINE FEET!):


Since the beginning of time, vicious willful libertine vixens have been tempting manpawns to sin, and the manpawns have fallen into their TEMPTATION. It’s an elemental part of the human condition.. men being weak in the presence of a Woman that KNOWS what she wants, and KNOWS how to get it!
I am fully aware of the POWER I have over you. I believe in the law of the jungle and natural selection. I am THE Vicious Predatory Vixen and you are MY willing prey!!


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